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Pipeline Maintenance &
Pigging Services

Ensuring Flow, Maximizing Efficiency: Your Pipeline's Partner in Maintenance and Pigging Excellence.


Pigging Consultants

Provide clients with recommended pigging practices as well as necessary modifications to allow for pigging. Mapping and logging of pipelines for pigging purposes.

System Evaluation

Ability to map and layout existing in-service systems to determine the most efficient modification and pigging scenarios.

System Modifications (To Allow Pigging)

Can recommend modifications that will allow for temporary or permanent pigging capabilities.


Work with client’s operations groups to determine pigging arrangements that provide for minimal or no disruption to operating facilities.

Paraffin Removal

Ability to provide in-house Hot Oil and Pigging services to meet strict timelines for the least disruption to operations.

Liquids Handling

In-house vacuum services allow for the most efficient handling of liquids to coincide with Hot Oil and Pigging services.


Hot Oil Truck/Service

Hot Oil trucks are available for a variety of Hot Oil and Pumping needs, workover, maintenance, and pigging needs.

Services include:

  • Paraffin removal from oil well tubing and pipelines

  • Pressure testing of tubing and casing, pipelines, and facilities

  • Pumping fluids at high pressure as well as down well bores to kill a well

  • Circulating and cleaning of oil and gas process equipment

  • Pumping hot oil in flow lines to assist with flow/pigging

  • Hot oiling of rods and tubing

  • Heating tanks to further sale of oil

  • Heating frac fluids

Vacuum Trucks

Company-owned bob tail vacuum truck with immediate access to other vacuum trucks allows for efficient coordination with other Pigging and Maintenance needs.

Kill Trucks

Company-owned Kill truck has many uses including hauling of water and a full complement of hydro-test to test any pipelines, facilities, and tubing including high-pressure systems.

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