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Construction Services

Where Quality Meets Craftsmanship


Pipeline Construction

Have installed over 1,000 miles of pipelines since inception of Eagle Ford wells. Currently running five crews laying flow lines, gathering lines and trunk lines. Capacity up to 12” lines.

Facility Construction - Includes Tank Batteries & Central Gathering Systems.

Turnkey construction services for installing wellhead facilities out to and including Central Gathering and Processing Facilities.

One Call / Line Locating

Have local crews who have been handling One Calls for our customers including crews who perform line locating services, including mapping of entire pipelines and facilities for our customers.

Hydro Excavation / Day Lighting

Own in-house hydrovac equipment and can provide stand-alone hydrovac services or in combination with line locating services and also for pipeline and facility construction.

Site Preparation - Including Lease Road, Pad, Frac Pond & Pit Construction

Ability to perform clearing, grading, and excavation of sites as well as hauling and placing of sub-base and base materials.

Erosion Control

Can furnish and install both temporary and permanent Erosion Control measures for any type of site or construction.

Fencing – Temporary & Permanent

For pipeline ROW’s as well as fencing of facility sites.

ROW Mulching

Can mulch ROW’s pre and post pipeline construction.



Onsite as well as shop fabrication of most facilities including launcher, receiver, separator, meter skids and more.

Hydrostatic Testing

Ability to test multiple facilities and pipelines at the same time, including acquiring and hauling test water and use of company owned Kill Truck as well as trailer mounted testing equipment and full rigged out test trailers.

Well Hookups

Ability to fabricate, install, test, and commission hookups and on pad facilities.

Sand Blasting & Painting

Five full-time sandblasting and coating crews with dedicated company-owned rigs. Coating of pipelines and painting of tanks and all facilities.

Custom Ditching

Company owned trenchers including rock chains available for trenching on pipelines up to 12” diameter.

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